The company HUZAP GmbH Scales and Systems Suppliers has been founded in year 2002 by three former employees of FIX Steimel.

All drawings, documentations, work instructions from FIX Steimel were
bought by us and archived, so that we are able to ensure an optimal
customer service for that systems.

Not at least, because of our long experience in customer service of the company FIX Steimel, we have learned that a regular maintenance and a timely diagnose is the precondition to get an optimal capacity and to avoid unplanned stopps.

We take care of your systems with corresponding equipments and qualified service technicians. Of course, we also assume comprehensive maintenances/overhaulings and revisions at FIX Steimel machines, for that we will naturally employ our FIX Steimel experts.

If desired, our sales engineers will quote modifications for older systems.

Beyond all existing warranty periods, we will always be effort to help our customers in solving their problems, to carry out necessary repairs quickly.

By request we will give personell trainings and offer maintenance contracts about a longer period also in connection with a spare and wear part package for a permament operational readiness.

Take profit of our services and our experience.

We keep your equipment in good shape!